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No More Plastic? What to Do With Your Pet's Poop

Every pet poops. Every pet owner knows they have to dispose of the poop in some kind of way. 

But how will I collect my dog’s poop if there are no plastic bags? With local supermarkets saying goodbye to soft plastic many pet owners are left wondering what the best way is to manage their pet’s waste. In order to be as environmentally responsible as possible, there are a couple of ways owners can make a difference when managing your pet’s poop. Here are a few things you need to know to make an informed decision on how to dispose of pet waste in the most ecologically sound way possible.

Flush It

You may be asking yourself, “Why don’t I just flush my dog’s poop?”. Before you jump on board with the flushing option, check with your local water treatment centre regarding their policy on flushing dog poop. While at some facilities dog poop on its own can be flushed down the toilet, this must never be in bags, even if they are so-called flushable bags (or compostable) as they will cause a blockage in the pipes.

It is important to also remember that cat poop should never be flushed or buried. It has different pathogens than dog poop and breaks down in a much different way.

Compost It

Waste from animals can contain pathogens that are almost impossible to kill, meaning you don’t want to put pet waste on a food garden. It’s important that when composting the pet’s waste it is in a bag in order to prevent the spread of disease and nuisances like flies. 

As with all bags, any dog poop bags advertised as “degradable” or “biodegradable” (without specifying a compostability certification) should be avoided as they have no environmental benefit and may break down into microplastics. Home compostable dog poop bags are the best choice but they can still take a very long time to break down in home compost systems and even longer if littered. 

It’s easy to make your very own home compost system, all you need is a bucket, spade, soil and worms. If you’re wondering where you can buy compostable poop bags for your home compost, then Eco Poop Bags is the best choice for you and your pet for any season.