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Product Information

Eco Poop Bags are made of cornstarch, meaning they are 100% compostable and are certified non-plastic. Our cornstarch bags will breakdown in landfill in as little as 3 months as opposed to normal plastic bags which take decades!

When you purchase your bags, you will have the option to select how many rolls you require and how frequently you would like them delivered. We have a table on the product page to help you estimate your ideal subscription options. From there, you will be charged automatically according to your subscription options and your bags will be delivered on time. You have full control over your subscription and can make adjustments at any stage.

Every first order will come with a FREE Eco Poop Bag dispenser that fit our bags perfectly.With recurring orders, you will receive your subscribed number of Eco Poop Bag's. All of our packaging satchels are eco-friendly and compostable.

Our Eco Poop Bags are 22cm x 33cm. We found this to be the most ideal size to handle all types of dog poop.

Based off all the completed research, our bags on average will compost in 3 months. The speed at which a bag will compost comes down to the conditions in which it is composting in. A bag that is not in an ideal composting environment can take up to 6 months to fully disintegrate, however, this is still much much faster than a generic plastic bag!

If you have a suitable home composting system, Eco Poop Bags will compost perfectly in this environment. For the majority of users, a home compost is not an available option and therefore it is recommended to be placed in your general household rubbish bin. Please do not dispose of your Eco Poop Bags in any public areas!

Managing your subscription


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