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  • Ways You Can Compost Your Pets Poop

    Composting your pet’s poop is not rocket science. If properly composted it can provide nutrients that you can utilise for your yard or under your t...
  • Eco Poop Bags Covid-19 Update

    Yes, we are still operating through the lockdown adhering to all guides/precautions released by the government. New Customers Eco Poop Bags is a 10...
  • No More Plastic? What to Do With Your Pet's Poop

    Every pet poops. Every pet owner knows they have to dispose of the poop in some kind of way.  But how will I collect my dog’s poop if there are no ...
  • What do our Certifications mean?

    Having both industrial compost and home compost certificate means that our productmeets the globally recognized composition test standards and safe for the environment.