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Dog poop bags
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Dog poop bags

Eco Poop Bags

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Where do you pick up poops?

4 rolls delivered every 4 weeks

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Our dog poop bags are the best choice for your pet and for the planet. Made with compostable material, our poop bags are certified to meet decomposition standards and are strong enough to hold the stinkiest of jobs. Eco Poop Bags are deeply passionate about making a better world for our pets and humans alike. Green and good for the Earth - find more details about our dog poop bag below: 

Key Benefits of Eco Poop Bags:

  • Breakdown in as little as 90 days
  • 100% compostable at Home, Industrial & Landfill
  • Fitted with a strap to connect to leads, belt loops etc. for easy carrying
  • Includes 15 compostable bags per roll
  • Green pawprint pattern on each bag
  • Stretchy not teary!

The Difference Between Biodegradable and Compostable

BIODEGRADABLE products will eventually disintegrate over time, usually over hundreds of years, and when they do, they simply turn into ‘micro-plastics’ which contaminate the environment.

​COMPOSTABLE bags, on the other hand, decompose into non-toxic organic matter which can be broken down to form a nutrient-rich soil or compost for your garden. 

100% Compostable | 100% Environment Friendly | Cornstarch Based 

biodegradable poop bags 


How it works

  1. Fill out our Eco Poop Bags calculator! Whether you pick up your pet’s poop at home or on walks, our custom calculator will help you choose the best delivery plan for you.
  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and this will take you to your cart, following that is the payment process.
  3. You can manage your subscriptions at our account login on the top-right.
  4. Thank you for being a part of the Eco Poop Bags family!

What we're made of

We are made of the good stuff. There are no nasties in our bags. We really do care about our planet which is why we made Eco Poop Bags in the first place! Now you can enjoy them too. We add an anti-microbial additive to our bags, for more hygienic poop picking.

Instructions on How to Fill Dispenser:

Rotate the roll until the sticker is facing the front and peel off sticker. Take out the dispenser. With the dispenser opening facing you and the strap pointed uppermost, unscrew the bottom end of the Eco Poop Dispenser bone. Insert the new poop bag roll. Gently tease the first bag through. Screw back the dispenser and strap it to where it’s easy to access.

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