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Eco Poop Bags

Our Eco Poop Bags are vegetable based. This means they are durable making it easy to pick up poop and they are 100% Compostable.

Where do you pick up poops?

4 rolls delivered every 4 weeks

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Eco Poop Bags To Your Door Every Month

Never run out of Eco Poop Bags ever again! We will deliver them on subscription right to your door every month. WE are dog owners... so we know how important it is to have a good supply.

+ Breakdown in as little as 90 days
+ Breakdown in Landfill
+ Stretchy not teary
+ 100% compostable at Home, in industrial & in landfill

    What we're made of

    We are made of the good stuff, 100% Cornstarch. There are no nasties in our bags. We really do care about our planet which is why we made Eco Poop Bags in the first place! Now you can enjoy them too. We add an anti-microbial additive to our bags, for more hygienic poop picking.

    100% Compostable | 100% Environment Friendly | Cornstarch Based 
    biodegradable poop bags 


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